Realize Your Life’s Mission

Have a Clear Sense of Direction, Discover Your Unique Gifts, and Make Your Greatest Contribution to the World By Creating Your Life’s Work

This course contains a proven framework based on positive psychology and spiritual wisdom for understanding and living your purpose and life’s mission starting today.

Even if you’re feeling out of alignment and unsure about the direction to take, know that you have gifts, a mission, and a purpose waiting to be embraced.


  • Experience the Groundhog Day syndrome, where every day looks the same, letting you feel like you’re going in circles, not creating anything of value (for yourself nor others). Simply put, if you feel like your life is passing you by

  • Find yourself sitting at your work desk day in and day out, feeling uninspired and a growing sense of panic at the thought that this is what the next 20 years of your life will potentially look like…

  • Feel frustrated (and even angry) for spending your precious time doing things that aren’t meaningful and satisfying to you or constantly giving to others but not attending to your own needs…

  • Feel out of sync with life and disconnected from your truth (and aren’t sure how to get back into alignment)…

  • Have purpose anxiety, constantly wondering what you’re supposed to do with your life that would be significant (and exciting!) but can’t put your finger on what it is…

  • And perhaps secretly envy those who ‘have it all figured out’ and keep thinking, ‘Why not me?!’ If so, take a deep breath of relief because…


After taking this course, you’ll be clear about what you want and will have a plan to craft a life that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning.

“You are a unique, special person, and you have a meaningful contribution to make to the world. Every person is born with a purpose. There’s a reason you’re here; you have a role to play that no one else could fill.”


After taking this course, you will:

  • Feel a strong sense of direction that guides your actions. You’ll know what you (really) want and what’s your next best step to get it. You’ll feel confident to make the best life decisions and stop second-guessing yourself.

  • Feel connected to your truth—your soul’s desires and blueprint. You’ll express more fully who you are and live a life that’s authentic to you. This state of being is called ‘alignment,’ and it’s where true personal power and inner strength arise from.
  • Uncover your unique gifts and how to use them to create value in the world. That’s your life’s work. Doing your life’s work gives you a deep sense of satisfaction and significance more than anything else.

  • Know how to make your work your “play.” What you do to make a living can (should) be exciting. If it is possible for others, it’s possible for you too. 

  • Meet your tribe. When you’re authentic, live in alignment with your values, do things you love, and embrace your life’s mission, you attract to you like-minded people—your tribe. You’ll develop fulfilling relationships with people who share your ideals and support you in your journey, and you’ll never feel alone anymore.

What Students Say


Shelley B. Anderson

This course was exactly what I needed as I’m thinking of changing careers and want to make sure to find something that’s meaningful to me. The course gave me clarity about what I really want, how I can serve, and what kind of work will fulfill me. The material of the course is interesting, practical and easy to understand. I loved the short lessons and straightforward exercises that gave me so much more clarity on my unique life purpose and mission. I learned a lot about myself and know how I can best contribute to others and the world. Thank you!


Patricia Maloney

I went through the entire course twice, redoing some of the exercises to go deeper. It was a deep self-discovery process for me. I had never thought of my purpose in that way and had never considered how my natural strengths could benefit others and the world. Taking this course was very enlightening. I understand my purpose and know that I deserve to live a life I love. I’m excited to start doing my life’s work.


Michel Joly Robert

Thank you for this beautiful course. I have a much greater sense of direction now. I’ve been feeling lost for several years, not knowing what I wanted to do with my life. I thought the concept of life purpose was a bit airy fairy (or perhaps it was the frustration of not knowing what mine was), but you made it so clear and practical that now it makes a lot more sense to me. The biggest takeaway for me was discovering my gifts and how I can use them to create value. I have never felt so confident in myself as I do now that I know how I can make a difference. To me, that’s the most important aspect of my life’s mission. I am so grateful for this course.

You only have ONE life exactly like this one.

Even if you believe in reincarnation, your current lifetime is unique and won’t happen again. Your life matters. What you do with it and how you live it matter.

A Proven Blueprint for Realizing Your Mission in Life

‘Realize Your Life’s Mission’ is a proven framework based on positive psychology and spiritual wisdom for understanding your purpose, discovering your gifts, and making a difference in the world.

After taking the course, you’ll know precisely how to create your most aligned life.


‘Realize Your Life’s Mission’ is a self-paced, online course that contains short and engaging video lessons. You can complete the entire course in a day or take as long as you want (you receive lifetime access).


STEP 1: Get Crystal Clear on Your Unique Purpose

Discover the ultimate meaning and purpose of your life – the very reason for your existence.


STEP 2: Know How to Live a 'Good Life' Every Single Day

Learn the key ingredient to a satisfying, well-lived, and regret-free life. (Its positive effect is almost instantaneous).


STEP 3: Understand Your Soul's Desires and Blueprint

Only pursuing your soul’s desire can lead to your life’s mission and true fulfillment. In this module, you’ll learn to differentiate between true desires and those that arise from the ego and societal influences.


STEP 4: Discover Your Unique Gifts

Discover and share your unique gifts to achieve exceptional success with ease while creating value in the world.


STEP 5: Know Your Most Aligned Way to Contribute

Learn how you can best contribute to the collective in a way that’s truly enjoyable to you and aligned with your nature. 


STEP 6: Create Your Life's Work

Your life’s work is what you came to Earth to accomplish. Doing that work allows you to express more fully who you are and helps you grow and evolve.

What You’ll Learn

MODULE 1: What a Life Mission Is

In this module, we’ll clarify what we mean by ‘life purpose’ and ‘life mission.’ To help us better understand these concepts, we’ll see perspectives from different well-respected spiritual teachers and masters.

► Perspective #1

► Perspective #2

► Perspective #3

MODULE 2: How to Live a Good Life (Every Single Day)

In this module, you’ll learn an easy method for living a good life almost every single day. This ‘quick win’ will improve your life almost instantly.

► The #1 Key to Living a Good Life

►  Identify Your ‘Good Life Ingredients’

► How to Make Sure Your Values Are Serving You

► How to Apply Value-Centered Living

MODULE 3: Recognize Your True Desires

In this module, we’ll first explore the distinction between true desires and those that arise from the ego and societal influences. Next, I’ll help you identify your soul’s desires and guide you on how to consciously follow and manifest them.

► How to Differentiate Your True Desires from the Ego and Conditioning

► Connect with Your Flow and Energy

► How to Uncover Your Natural Interests

► Unfreeze Your Dreams

► How to Activate Your Interests

MODULE 4: Discover Your Unique Gifts

This module will help you uncover your natural strengths and the skills you love using so that you can make your unique contribution to the world in the most enjoyable way possible.

► What Are ‘Gifts’?

► Powerful Questions to Uncover Your Gifts

► How to Use Quizzes and Tests to Uncover Your Gifts

► How to Activate Your Gifts

MODULE 5: How to Make Your Greatest Contribution

In this module, you’ll discover your most aligned (natural and enjoyable) way to contribute to others and the world.

► 3 Ways to Contribute

► Discover YOUR Most Aligned Way to Contribute

► Welcome Your Inner Activist

► Alchemize Your Challenges

MODULE 6: Do Your Life's Work

In this module,  you’ll identify several outlets through which you can create your life’s work, which is one of the most fulfilling pursuits of your life.

► Hobbies vs. Passion Projects vs. Your Life’s Work

► The Concept of ‘Life’s Work’ Explained

► How to Find Ideas for Your Life’s Work

► How to Use Chat GPT to Find Ideas for Your Life’s Work

► Why It’s a Good Idea to Identify What You ‘Envy’ or Admire in Others

Start Living Your Life's Mission

► How to Start Living Your Life’s Mission

► Create Your Personal Mission Statement

In an effort to give back, 20% of your purchase will be donated to charity.

About Emilie

Hey there!

I’m Emilie—a certified coach and positive psychology practitioner, creator, and spiritual entrepreneur.

I’m dedicated to helping you gain clarity on your purpose and life’s direction, pursue your personal mission, and create your life’s work.

I believe you should spend your precious time doing what you love, enjoying more freedom and flexibility, and experiencing soul-level fulfillment.

It IS possible for you to wake up each morning feeling excited to start the day. It IS possible for your work to feel like ‘play.’

I can help you make these possibilities a reality.

Others have done it, and now it can be your turn.

Emilie xo

Join the Class Today

‘Realize Your Life’s Mission’ is a self-paced, online course that contains short and engaging video lessons.

It’s a proven framework based on positive psychology and spiritual wisdom for understanding and living your purpose and life’s mission.

You can complete the entire course in a day or take as long as you want (you receive lifetime access).

Note: In an effort to give back, 20% of your purchase will be donated to charity.



Get instant and lifetime access to all lessons. Learn at your own pace, on any device.


I want you to love the course and get amazing results.

If you don’t feel that the course can help you, then let me know and I’ll refund your purchase. No questions asked. I don’t want you to pay for something you don’t enjoy.

Emilie xo

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